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With an extensive background in client facing Account Management roles, Victor was looking for his next new challenge. After throwing himself into web development full time, Victor's already collected an impressive full stack skillset with the latest technologies and frameworks including REACT, NODE.JS, GRAPHQL and more. A lifelong learner, his unique combination of technical and interpersonal skills add that special something to any project. Feel free to reach out on the contact page!

University of Toronto

Full Stack Web Development Program


An intensive 3 month program dedicated to developing a strong foundation in web development through hands on learning and the creation of web applications. Skills learned included HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Node Js, MySQL, MongoDB, Express, Handlebars.js, and ReactJS

York Univeristy

Bachelor of Music, Jazz Studies


Three year program focusing on the development of musicianship, theory, and ensemble performance. Specialized in jazz theory improvisation, and performance on piano and upright bass.

Technical Skills



SQL Databases



Node JS



Take a look at what others have to say...

"Victor is highly creative and a very easy-going person to work with. We worked together on several projects during the coding Bootcamp and not once did he fail to deliver his passion and zeal for web development . He has always been the one to raise the motivation of the whole team with his energetic and adventurous approach to solving problems. He is undoubtedly a goal oriented professional with excellent leadership and team management skills whose work in the team makes other team members strive for better results. I am confident that he would be a valuable, energetic, and highly productive addition to any organization."

  • Anjali Pant, Toronto

"Victor is an outstanding developer with an incredible attitude towards his passions and work. During the time I was able to teach him about Web Development, he always showed an amazing drive to learn and proved his understanding every time a new assignment came around. Victor is very friendly, charismatic, fun, and can be a great team leader; his experience with Mongo, React, Express, and Node along with his creativity and uniqueness will certainly lead him, and any path he follows, to success."

  • Daniel Ceballos, Toronto

"Working with Victor was an amazing experience. His energy, personality, and drive were amazing and guided our entire team to a learning level that I am truly grateful for. Victor's work ethic and desire to learn showed as I was able to see his command of multiple languages and technologies grow on a daily basis. As we broke out into group work Victor would take charge and lead our team while teaching us along the way. By the end of the program, Victor showed that he is truly a Full Stack Web Developer. Your team will be lucky to have him and I am excited to follow his career and successes."

  • Sean Samoridny, Calgary

"Victor and I both attended the UofT SCS Coding Bootcamp. Victor is a great communicator; he's able to break down and explain programming concepts in a manner that's easy to understand. He's also persistent and unafraid of new challenges; Victor's final group project involved tackling GraphQL and Apollo, two technologies that weren't covered in class. He would be an excellent addition to any team."

  • Cecil King, Mississauga